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• SpareTag was established in 2014 to provide animated videos, supported by short texts, illustrating offbeat and hopefully thought provoking topics. There is no spoon...

• Our logo is an animation forming a head out of 4 even numbers (6, 4, 2, and 0).  It is meant to represent humanity, science and art/design which are the main focus of the website. The head is screaming "I am not a  number" to reject first-look perception and conformity.

• Additional resources, such as books, music/DVD, or pertinent products are provided to further the experience or learn more on the topic.  

SpareTag Lexicon

SpareTag is at the same time:
1 : a primal scream "I am not a number," <spare me the tag>
2 : a pointer <tag> held in reserve <spare>, to highlight funny, disturbing, or weird news
3 : a place to closely follow <tagging> trends to help prevent any harm <sparing>
4 :
an extra <spare> keyword <tag> to describe and facilitate recognition and retrieval

5 : a collection of high quality <like a spare or above score at bowling> topics <tag>


We appreciate your patronage and hope you enjoy the site

as much as we enjoy producing it!

Sparetag.com posts offbeat 90-second video clips, about social trends, visual arts or recent discoveries that make us think, laugh or puke.

SpareTag.com aims to reflect, possibly amplify but likely deform and diffuse, a certain perception of reality.  In showing different perspectives on various topics, we hope to shade the light on the grey areas of diversity.