Soundtrack on Longevity Research explores how young blood transfusion can help reverse aging in mice. What if, after all, the vampires' way was the cure

Following our previous post on “how to become a Grim Reaper,” we continue our exploration of the dark worlds with how to become a Vampire.  No, this was not intentional but opportunistically triggered by 2 articles found in her Majesty’s Telegraph.

10,000 to 15,000 vampires in the UK

The first Telegraph article relates to the attempt by Dr Emyr Williams, a psychology lecturer at Glyndwr University in Wrexham (with a name like that it must be in Transylvania – Oops, apologies to my numerous Welsh readers!), to study the lifestyle of “a group of individuals who believe they have a psychological need to consume blood,” also known as Vampires.  While estimated to be between 10,000 and 15,000 people in the UK, you can apparently find these real life vampires all over the world.

Real life vampires drinking blood from donors

Then I stumbled upon this article from the NY Daily News.  Wait! Isn’t that the newspaper for which Superman, I mean Clark Kent, works?  (Oops again and apologies to my numerous DC Comics readers, Clark works for the Daily Planet).  This article reported that a mom from Pennsylvania was drinking blood, half a gallon of live human blood every month.  Wait a second, I am getting confused.  Is Pennsylvania located next to Transylvania? (Oops for the third time and apologies to my numerous Mid-Atlantic states readers).  So this "I Want To Be A Vampire" mom is also a care worker.  Hold on now, does that mean she works in a hospital with free access to... young blood transfusion supply? Nope (and apologies to my numerous hospital worker readers), the beverage comes from actual donors that you can meet in local “oddities” stores also called clubs in New York (Oops and apologies to my numerous night clubbing readers in NYC).  These donors agree to be cut opened with a sterilized knife to satisfy the thirst of this 45-year old woman.  What?  I am missing something here but no need for apology this time.  Anyway, this woman says she is drinking blood to feel “young and vigorous.”

Young blood transfusion can help reverse aging in mice, says recent longevity research

This brings me to the third article (but the second one from the Telegraph, if you still follow).  That’s the serious one about longevity research and all to cure aging (Oops, didn’t know that was a disease – apologies to my numerous scientific readers).  They do this young blood transfusion stuff to reverse aging in mice who now have super powers like Superman from the Daily Planet (yes, I did remember correctly this time -- must be my Bloody Mary).  Not sure why they bother these cute little things to go through stressful mouse maze and don't just study the Tour de France bike riders.  These guys have been doing young blood transfusion for years now to improve their cycling performance (unless this was just to find their way through the mouse maze... sorry, I mean the stage route).

Next post will be on werewolf – just kidding.

Why the future belongs to Vampires


Our soundtrack on

real life vampires

was inspired by 

Bela Lugosi's

Dead song from


The voice of "I want to be a vampire" Peter Murphy, over a slow heavy bass guitar, sends chills down your spine. 

The song also appears to great effect in 'The Hunger' movie, with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie inviting to become a vampire.


The story follows two 

vampires Brad Pitt as

the protagonist and

Tom Cruise as the

antagonist. They have

immortality, but this

may not be such a

great gift after all,

as everything changes and everyone dies, but them.  Could not resist re-using some of the very stylish vampire drinking blood cliches from the trailer.

Read on a Lab Mouse Maze

Listen to Real Life Vampires


Algernon is a

laboratory mouse

that excels at 

mouse maze after

undergoing brain
surgery to improve

As the experiment

is extended to a human character, this great fiction book touches upon many different ethical and moral issues.

Watch Become a Vampire

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"Fortune favors the prepared mind" Louis Pasteur
Poster from Interview with the Vampires, a movie about of drinking blood suckers
cover for Bela Lugosi's Dead song from Bauhaus, an homage to real life vampires
book cover for Algernon, showing a mouse maze

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