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Half of Americans believe in conspiracy theories.  Yes, you are likely to enjoy our ultimate conspiracy videos built on alien evidence and common fallacies

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Aliens survival kit in case you believe in one of the top conspiracy theories
DVD cover of Independance Day, a Hollywood alien conspiracy theories


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"Dark Side

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The guitar intro of "Time" creates additional tension as the narrator implacably reveals all the alien evidence that make our ultimate conspiracy videos.


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hollywood aliens

movie provide great

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with some iconic

alien conspiracy


"There is no Area 51. There is no spaceship... // Uh... excuse me, Mr. President? That's not entirely accurate // What, which part?".

Hollywood feeding on conspiracy theorists psychology!

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The Ultimate Conspiracy Videos

The idea for this fictional video on conspiracies and aliens was seeded by the experience conducted by two psychology researchers of the University of Chicago, Eric Oliver and Thomas J. Wood. They created fake conspiracies to measure how prone Americans are to believe in them.  Their results show that Half of Americans Believe at Least 1 Conspiracy Theory as reported in an article from Tom Jacobs published in the psychology section of the Pacific Standard on April 9, 2014:

55% believe in fake conspiracy theories

- 19% (yes, 19 percent!) of Americans believe that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job, with another 22% remaining neutral, i.e. unwilling to either endorse or refute the theory.
- 24 percent agreed that President Obama was not born in the United States, with 24% neutral – hmm, this one seems to fit some political partisanship!
- The fake conspiracies were recognized by 17% and believed by 10% of respondents!
Overall, the researchers found that “almost the entire sample said they had heard of at least one of the conspiratorial narratives they were asked about, and over 55 percent agreed with at least one of them.”

Conspiracy theorists psychology

The researchers explain the results by two behavioral psychology predispositions.  First, the need to feel in control pushes us to draw conclusions in spite of weak evidence.  I wonder if our new awareness of this shortcoming can reduce our gullibility – hmm, probably not!  Second, the conspiracies feed our natural attraction towards the universal struggles between good and evil.  May the Force be with you!

Top 10 conspiracy theories and alien hoax 

In any case, I didn’t have to look too far to create my own theory on alien conspiracy theories.  Just type “top 10 conspiracy theories” in the Google or YouTube search engines and you will be amazed by the weird stuff you can find!  Crazy world!  Crazy people!  ...hmm, that's probably for the best... that way, aliens will never be able to govern us!

America is a vast conspiracy to make you happy – J. Updike

Brace yourself Aliens are coming!

book cover for top 10 conspiracy theories

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If you're not

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reading this book.

This primer hits

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murder plots,

suicides, alien

conspiracy theories, and other religious mysteries throughout the centuries. All the common fallacies.

Watch alien conspiracy theories

Listen to alien hoax

Brace yourself Aliens are coming!

"Half of Americans Believe at Least 1 Conspiracy Theory"

record cover of alien evidence on the Dark Side of the Moon